Tuesday, 14 October 2008

۞Alien Desires Claw Mitts™


Restricted menu - When locked by an added owner
Instant Message - Sent to Claw Mitts Locker if Claw Mitts Unlocked
Add Owner - Ownership Ability
Lock- Prevents the Claw Mitts from detaching
Unlock - allows the Claw Mitts to be detached again
Poses - Clicking on the "RIGHT Claw Mitt Envokes a front and rear "cuffed" pose menu

*Please note that you will have to do the "Add owner" once for each Claw Mitt, and "Lock" for each Claw Mitt again.

To add owners, juct click on the Claw Mitt, go to "addOwners" and click "Add"

Then, type:


And you're done!

If you have any Questions, please contact:

Fyre Furse
Tatiana Heckroth

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۞Release Notes:
V 1.0 - Initial Release

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